Gabriele Toninelli

SEO & Content Specialist


About Gabriele

Hey! My name is Gabriele and I work as an inhouse SEO and Content Specialist in Milan. Take a look below to learn more about who I am.

Who I am

I was born in 1985 in a small town in northern Italy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Society Technologies (2008) and a Master’s degree in Public and Corporate Communication (2010). I’ve been working in the web marketing field since 2011. I write, project, manage, analyze, speak, listen, quarrel every single day. My biggest passions? Web, music, writing and technology!

At work

Most of my daily job falls into these three different kinds of activities.

  1. Search engine optimization: I deal with on-page optimization, link building, competitive analysis, results monitoring and any other kind of SEO stuff, in some of the most challenging industries of my country.
  2. Content management: I love writing, but it’s not enough. A good content manager knows about SEO, social networks, HTML, CSS, and pretty much every latest marketing trend. Harder than it seems, isn’t?
  3. Product management: I collaborate in building product roadmaps and I define guidelines and specifications for the development of SEO-related products.

Also, I’ve been in charge of big email marketing campaigns for two years, managing every aspect of creating and sending transactional emails and newsletters.

Get in touch

Go here if you want to send me a message or come find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.